Single Sign-On, Smart, Secure, Multi Chain


The World First

Decentralized Wallet

Why trust in custodial, centralized wallet in the decentralized world when you can use decentralized wallet.

Single Click Login

Proof your wallet ownership with Facebook, Google Login, etc. Can be use anywhere

Decentralized Private Key

Partner's node keep and update your share, But none of them know a bit of the secret. Only you can reassemble it.


Multi Chain

Our wallet supports all chains and tokens using BIP-44 Standard, Including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Libra, ERC-20, ERC-721

Multi Platform

We support iOS, Android, Websites, Chrome Extension. With Single Wallet you can use it anywhere.

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Focused on Consumer
Focused on Enterprise / Government
Support All Crypto / Token
Support W3C DID
Support Web3
Support Social Login
Support All Native Platforms
Decentralized Key Recovery
Proactive Key Sharing

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